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Wanderlust Astrology

Wanderlust Astrology: Learn About Your Birth Chart

by The Travel Captain

Last year, Huffington Post did a piece on the limitation of Elite Daily’s article highlighting DRD4 as the Wanderlust Gene.  The gene that says you’re probably going to turn into a frequent traveler.  Turns out the gene is more related to dopamine receptors, the kind associated with thrill seeking behavior.  Basically you could be prone to drug addiction if you have it.  Great.  Regardless of whether the gene is a predictor of a person’s inclination to travel, how are you supposed to realistically find out whether you have this gene?  a pricey DNA test? Sure.

Enter Wanderlust Astrology

Did you know that certain placements in your birth chart can reveal similar findings?  My close friends will tell you that I’m an astrology nerd… not the I’m Capricorn, He’s Aquarius type of commercialized romantic astrology but rather the study of looking at the placement of certain planets based on time of birth, their relationship with one another (by determining the degrees of orbit by which they are separated) as well as examining which houses these planets sit in.  Sound confusing?

Don’t worry, I’ll break it down below.  In any case, this is a much easier, quicker and cheaper method to determine whether you are prone to packing up your suitcase every two months or perhaps even live in a foreign land(s) someday.  All you need is the date, exact time and location of your birth.


A Quick and Crude Astrology Lesson

Planets in astrology represent certain energies or themes.  Venus is love, beauty and harmony.  Pluto is power and death/rebirth. Mercury is communication. Neptune is compassion, sometimes illusion and creativity, etc.  Everyone has 12 houses and the sign to which each house belongs depends on your time of birth.   Perhaps your 9th house sits in Virgo with the planets, Jupiter and Mars, expanding this house. The houses represent areas in your life where these planets or energies will play out.

For example, the 1st house is the “Me” or Outer Personality (how you project yourself) House.  The 7th house is the “Marriage” or “Partnership” House.  So if you have the planet Venus in your 1st House, i.e. Me House, you may be very beautiful but others perceive you as a bit egotistical and inwardly focused.  But Venus in the Marriage or 7th House may indicate that your partner is beautiful or that you have a very harmonious marriage.  And for even more of a spin, the 7th house could be located in the sign of Gemini, which represents duality.   Many 7th house Gemini people tend to get married more than once.

Nuances of Astrology

Here’s where it get interesting. Venus may be afflicted with a 90 degree square to the planet Pluto in the chart which indicates there might be jealousy and storminess in your relationships.  And don’t forget Pluto is creating dramatic energies in whatever house its placed in.  Perhaps its in the 10th house which is the Midheaven or “Career House” indicating that you join companies that are going through vast reorganizations or continually quit one job only to come back stronger in the next.  Maybe Pluto is in the 4th House which represents early childhood and family roots, indicating that your Mother was very dominating or that your early years were particularly intense.  There’s so much more.  But let’s move on.

So Which House Represents Travel in Wanderlust Astrology?

So what house represents travel and wanderlust?  The 9th house.  The 9th house represents voyages, foreigners, foreign countries, journeys into the unknown both physical and mental, religion, theology, philosophy, literature, justice and higher learning.  It’s important to know which sign this house belongs to and which planets reside in the 9th house.  I have 5 planets in this house, surprise surprise.

Other placements in the chart are also important to look at.  Let’s take the 6th house, which represents health and your life’s work (not to be confused with career, life work is different).  Maybe the 6th house sits in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is usually the sign that represents the adventurer or explorer.  So you may find your calling by traveling abroad.  There are several iterations like this and a few more placements to pay attention to but you get the drift.

I am happy to do a reading for you for the first five who reach out.  You will have to be comfortable enough to send me your birth time details as mentioned above to [email protected] and understand that the reading is based on my subjective opinion only.  Thanks for visiting.

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