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Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort

by The Travel Captain

When the speedboat company mentioned that the Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort was easily accessible by water, I thought how convenient (not to mention cool) gliding up to our beachfront resort would be.  And of course head straight to the bar for sundowners right after.

We had chartered a private speedboat from Phuket to snorkel around the Ko Phi Phi Islands and islands close to Krabi‘s coast with a plan to reach Tubkaak just in time to shower and enjoy a spectacular sunset.  Docking at the main port in Aonang and schlepping luggage through crowds just to find a taxi to take us there didn’t seem  appealing.


Inconspicuous is hardly the word one would use to describe our arrival to this resort in Krabi though.  Turns out there are several resorts on Tubkaak Beach and a phone call was made to the hotel from the boat to find out exactly which one.  No question remained once we spotted a man on the shore  jumping up and down with arms flailing in air.

It also turns out that the Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort is right on the beach, front and center.  No setbacks, just a few feet of sand separating it from the water.  Although this sounds pretty perfect in theory, it made arriving by speedboat a rather noisy affair.  Especially for existing guests laying on the beach and especially at low tide when boats can’t pull up close enough to shore resulting in genius boat captain loudly circling area for many minutes until small army of resort employees paraded out to water and put our suitcases overhead in single formation while everyone watched.

Sorry for the run on sentences. Thank you to the resort for their extra efforts.  007 certainly won’t be using us for any undercover work abroad.

Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort

The spectacle on the beach was a hazy memory after a few cocktails.  It was a rather fantastic day  aside from that slightly embarrassing half hour in the early evening.  Surprisingly no one flashed us dirty looks at dinner later although I probably would have if it had been someone other than me.

The next four days were blissful.  The Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort is everything you want in a resort in Thailand.  If you have any doubts as to whether Krabi or Phuket is a better destination, click here.

We rented a beachfront villa with private pool.  It is a well sized nook with views of the limestone cliffs floating on blue waters seen right through your glass paned double doors.  Behind the seating area and bed is a modern and earthy bathroom with separate sinks, toilet, roomy stand up shower and stoned tub always filled with warm water and frangipanis. Love those flowers.

Public Spaces at Tubkaak Krabi

Aside from the villa, the resort itself is lovely.  Laid back and relaxed, palm trees and shrubs are allowed to grow in whichever direction they please.  Outdoor seating by the beach is plentiful versus overly air conditioned dress coded dining rooms found at some other hotels.

Interesting spaces with fountains and Thai art are seen in hidden corners.  A ten minute paddle down the coast in one of the resort’s complimentary two seater canoes provides a couple opportunity to lay on a completely secluded strip of beach.  A short walk down the beautiful beach leads you to open shacks serving local dishes and seafood.

Thankfully no stalls with tickets to ladyboy cabarets and seedy massage found anywhere near here.  We even enjoyed a very well put together elegant Christmas Eve beach dinner hosted by the resort with singing Santa and all.  I didn’t find much fault with this place except for food and drink being priced slightly high.  It only further cemented in my head that boutique hotels are really the way to go.


This post is not sponsored.  As always, reviews and stays at hotels and restaurants on this site are unsolicited and self funded unless explicitly mentioned.

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