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Top Instagram Photos of 2016

My Top Instagram Photos of 2016

by The Travel Captain

Happy Holidays guys!  I realize the year is not quite over yet.  But we’re close enough.  We’re headed off to Japan tomorrow for the next couple of weeks.  So I wanted to share with you now my top Instagram photos of 2016.

It’s so hard keeping up with all the social media platforms that travel bloggers are active on!  Did you know that many hire a social media manager to do it for them?  I haven’t reached that stage but my focus tends to be on a chosen few.  Instagram happens to be one of them.  Are you following me yet? 🙂  I’ve compiled my best Instagram photos of 2016 right here.

The photos below were chosen based on highest engagement by Instagram users following me at the time.  I’m almost at 4,000 followers.  Woohoo!  My goal for next year is 5k.  Wish me luck.


Top Instagram Photos of 2016

These are in no particular order

#12 Taken at one of my favorite hotels in Dubai, the Park Hyatt.  It’s an older hotel but I love the relaxing feeling and Mediterranean vibe here.  Great views of Dubai Creek too.

#11 This one of me lost on the King’s Highway in Jordan seemed to be a hit.  Haha.

#10 If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I am absolutely in love with the Sultanate of Oman.  The pic below captures the natural beauty of this country so well.

#9 Next one up is a pic I took when standing on a hill in Santorini.  The last time I visited Greece was 2010.  I post pics of previous destinations I visited all the time, especially when its #throwbackthursday ! 🙂

#8 This one is of the outdoor atrium at the Park Hyatt Dubai.  Obviously, we come here often.  As the caption reads, Instagram users love photos with symmetry! It works.

#7 Well this one of me drinking wine in the Napa Valley did great.  Who knew? 🙂

#6 Another throwback photo of Machu Picchu certainly caught the eye of a few in 2016.  Maybe it was the different angle they liked.  Whatever it is, I’m happy.

#5 Not surprising, another photo taken in Oman made it to the list of my top Instagram photos of 2016.  This one is of the magnificent chandelier inside the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque located in the capital port city of Muscat.

#4 Here we have the entry to Petra, known as the Siq.  It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve had the pleasure of walking through.  And Jordan is one of my favorite trips of 2016.

Got a lot of questions about safety and travel to Jordan after my trip there in September. I finally wrote about our experience, it's up on the site. Have you ever second guessed a trip because of fear? Just so you know, it was totally safe! . My analogy- it's like skipping travel to Canada because of college campus shootings in the U.S. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #petra #7wondersoftheworld #Jordan #jordanian #wadimusa #bucketlist #wanderlust #mountains #trekking #traveletting #travelgram #carving #moses #girlsvsglobe #cntraveler #vsco #travelphotography #monastery #redrocks #travelblog #instadaily #sheisnotlost #passionpassport #femaletravelbloggers #donkeysofpetra #ruins #architecture #siq @visitjordan #shareyourjordan

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#3 Another flashback photo I posted in 2016 from my gorilla trekking trip to Rwanda in 2011.  The situation with the gorilla, Harambe, being killed at the Cincinnati Zoo this year prompted the post.  It was the first pic that I ever crossed 200 likes on back in May.  I was excited.

up close and personal with mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. I'm not a mother yet but you know what, I would RAGE until something was done if i were in the same situation at the Cincinnati Zoo. I feel for Harambe in so many ways it actually hurts. Should he have been kept at the zoo in the first place? Was it tragic and completely preventable, yes. But don't stand there and say you would have put the life of a gorilla above your own child. Maybe Harambe was being protective but there were points of uncertainty that would make most anyone doubt the situation. Had he been calm, the keeper would have entered the moat and retrieved the child. Should the mother be held negligible? Yes. It's hard not to chastise her but I don't have several children to look after. I'm sure there would be times where I looked away for a little bit. Maybe not at a zoo near the gorilla exhibit. #rwanda #harambe #gorillalove #animallover #virunga #gorillatrekking #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #traveletting #travelblog #instadaily #justiceforharambe #opinion #gorilla #hypocrites #peta #animalrights #girlsvsglobe

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#2 You guessed it, another pic from Oman.  Seems that I’m not the only one who loves this place.

#1  And of course, a pic from the place I’ve called home for the last 9 years. Dubai!  Taken from a restaurant at the Burj al Arab, you know …the hotel that looks like a sailboat.


I hope you enjoyed my Top Instagram Photos of 2016.  Hit follow on any of the pics above to keep up with my latest travels.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season everybody.  Keeping my fingers crossed for a peaceful 2017.


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