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People of Seoul

by The Travel Captain


People are art.  The People of Seoul are art. How they walk, their mannerisms, the clothes they wear, their hair, the color of their shoes, the look in their eye… it’s all art. People add to a city’s dynamic more than anything. And the people in Seoul are definitely interesting.

We took candids, not to poke fun, but to appreciate and capture whichever sentiment people were experiencing in that moment.  If this offends you, just look away now.

Some People of Seoul were surprised to see us 🙂

Some were affected by the power of Soju

People of Seoul

Many were fashionable

Others were selling fish

 Some were bartering

People of Seoul

Others were praying

See People of Seoul

Prayer at Bongeunsa Temple

He struck a pose

At the N Tower

At the N Tower with a stuffed Psy

A few marveled at the magnificence of the N Tower

Some we didn’t know what they were doing


Others protected and guarded

Soldier at DMZ border with North Korea

Some were in colorful national dress

Two were in love

One was modest

Chef at a sushi restaurant

Chef at a sushi restaurant

Some were pensive

Another reminiscing about her youth

Others comfortable in the peace of old age

He seemed a bit suspicious

She a bit apprehensive

But wherever we went, you can See people of Seoul were always helpful 🙂

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Seoul's Public Art | The Travel Captain May 1, 2016 - 12:44 pm

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