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A Hotel in Florence Where Many Things Are Free

by The Travel Captain

I still can’t wrap my head around this  – a hotel in Florence where many things are free.  I’ll repeat.  Hotel. In Florence. Free Things.  Grand Amore Hotel and Spa, the love themed luxurious boutique hotel I’m speaking of left us with a lasting impression but more so due to exceptional hospitality rather than free items.  Service is one of the key reasons I always try and opt for a boutique hotel over a big chain and this experience surely lived up to that belief.

My family and I stayed at the Grand Amore Hotel and Spa in Florence last month right before my wedding in Chianti.  Everyone flew in to spend a quality few days together before the other guests arrived.  We had been to Florence before as a family but that was in 1985.  The upcoming event gave us the perfect opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with the city together.


The Grand Amore Hotel is located a couple of blocks down the road from the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore Duomo (yup… the big, red dome you see in all the pictures).  It’s front and center when you walk out of the door.  The even better part is that the street is not frequented by cars so you get the central location without the accompanying noise.

You’ll find a gracious concierge at the 24 hour front desk when you enter.  I must have bothered Guido, the nicest person I’ve ever encountered at a hotel, a hundred times with instructions on when my room could be cleaned and when turn down service could be completed, tickets for museums, restaurant reservations etc etc.  We had our luggage strewn around the front entrance multiple times and never was it an issue.

The 12 room boutique hotel has a welcoming and cozy foyer with a fully stocked bar and velvety purple pinned cushion chair seating area to enjoy your favorite cocktails in.  There were at least two or three times each day when we retreated here to enjoy campari spritzers, prosecco, espresso or midnight caps of grappa or something sweeter.

Grand Amore Hotel and Spa

Grand Amore Hotel and Spa

The Rooms At The Grand Amore Hotel and Spa

The rooms are modern and tastefully decorated.  Savory and sweet treats accompanied by a shot of delicious liqueur await you upon return from a long day of sightseeing.   The marbled bathroom includes a jet tub and shower, thick bathrobes and generous amount Acqua di Parma toiletries – I am a sucker for those.  I even loved the heart shaped room keys!


The Free Stuff

Each air-conditioned room came with free wifi and calls to European land lines and mobile phones, a free beverage menu including bottled water, beer and other refreshments.  These are lifesavers given the summer especially with my 9 and 12 year old niece and nephew.  Using the spa is free of charge.  I don’t think we even saw a charge for any of the drinks down at the bar.

Most upscale hotels will give you complimentary bottles of water in the morning and sometimes free local calls but they charge you up the wazoo for every thing else unless you’re complaining about something and trying to score free stuff.  I don’t agree with complaining about made up issues in order to get freebies.  These “special” souls who do partake will be pleased to know its unnecessary at Grand Amore Spa and Hotel because most things are complimentary anyway.



Booking the Hotel in Florence

I found the hotel via booking.com and reserved three rooms without hesitation after seeing the pictures, location and price.  It’s not easy to find a centrally located, chic boutique hotel with spacious rooms suitable for families for less than $350 a night.  And that too during the summer peak season and a couple of weeks before the travel date.  Trust me. I know hotels, I had been to Florence more than once before and looked everywhere.

This review is not sponsored.  The Grand Amore Hotel and Spa is aware that I blog on a non commercial basis.  Special treatment was not given as a result.  But they were thoughtful enough to leave a heart shaped puzzle and bag with the name of my website.  Our overall experience was truly lovely and I highly recommend a stay here when you’re in Florence next!

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Grand Amore Hotel and Spa

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Grand Amore Hotel


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