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Brook Boutique Hotel in Sri Lanka

by The Travel Captain

Would I return to Brook Boutique Hotel?  Absolutely.  Nestled in a coconut plantation estate about 20 mins off the main road, Brook Boutique Hotel in Melsiripura is an idyllic retreat for a “get away from it all” holiday.  Melsiripura is situated in Sri Lanka’s central region and close to the Cultural Triangle.  Picture tall coconut trees, green hills, your own private chalet, delicious egg hoppers and curry, only a few others even when fully booked and an incredible main pool overlooking the plantation.  As an eco-conscientious traveler, I especially appreciated that the estate owners make great effort and investment to cultivate the surrounding grounds as well as provide their guests with fresh, organic ingredients.

Brook Boutique Hotel was our second stop last September after a wonderful few days at Udekki, located in Sri Lanka’s northwest.  We’ve since been back to this beautiful country after both stays left us with lasting impressions.


Brook Boutique Hotel

Main Pool at Brook Boutique Hotel

Location of Brook Boutique Hotel

While some may not appreciate that due to the hotel’s location and hence welcomed seclusion, transportation to some of the sights in Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle can soak up about an hour or more of your day each way.  But this is typical of Sri Lanka and a reality which should be accepted before coming.  The cultural triangle is a sacred region shaped by mapping three dots connecting the cities of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy.  The rock fortress, Sigiriya, is at the center.

The cultural monuments within the triangle are renowned UNESCO World Heritage sites and include places of Buddhist and Hindu worship amongst others things.  The location of the hotel didn’t bother me, calm and the absence of touristy elements were luxuries I embraced.  Reception in the lobby area will easily secure a private driver to take you anywhere you desire at a very reasonable cost.

Brook Boutique Hotel offers several types of accommodation: a villa, chalets and a number of standard rooms. The villa and chalets are equipped with private plunge pools.  We reserved the Garden Chalet and were transported to what seemed like a remote, well appointed thatched roof bungalow surrounded by palms.  However, it was a short walk from the main lobby.  A buggy was available if you didn’t feel like using your legs.  Room service was called often and arrived speedily.  Breakfast was inclusive and a delicious feast.

My one constructive criticism was the amount of time it took for the kitchen to prepare our meals in the main dining room.  Preparing fresh meals does take time but this was inordinate. Exhibit lots of patience.

Chalets at Brook Boutique Hotel

Common Areas and Dining

The Plantation at Brook Boutique Hotel

One of our favorite activities at Brook Boutique Hotel was the plantation walk. The photo at the top of this post was taken there.  It was kinda magical, seriously.  We split open coconuts and drank the refreshing water, learned about a wide variety of edible plants and fauna, trekked through thick bush and looked up often at the mountains, palms and blue sky.  The hotel manager was our informative guide, sadly I don’t recall his name I’m embarrassed to admit.  Special mention should be made that the entire staff were kind and made our stay comfortable.

Brook Boutique Hotel

Plantation walk

Brook Boutique Hotel


Note:  I have come to learn that Brook Boutique Hotel did not renew their liquor license this year due to a hefty tariff imposed by the government for all hotels.  With only ten chalets, it’s most likely the expensive license didn’t make economic sense.  I’d still go back.

As always, hotel reviews on this site were unsolicited and self funded unless explicitly mentioned.

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