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The Best Part About Cinque Terre

by The Travel Captain

What hasn’t been written about this set of the 5 most photographed villages on Instagram?  Most people, including myself, associate Cinque Terre with the iconic, multicolored pastel buildings standing precariously but proudly on the banks of the Italian Riviera.   I’m not going to tell you what to see and where to go in Cinque Terre, you’ve probably already read about that.  Our itinerary is at the end however :).  I will tell you what the best part of my trip was.   It was around the moment the photo below at the Belforte Restaurant in Cinque Terre was taken.  This is what I now associate Cinque Terre with.


Belforte Restaurant in Cinque Terre

Why is it the best part?  Because memorable travel experiences are not just about a great location but also about people.  My family and I sat on the open air veranda of the Belforte restaurant in Cinque Terre for a two hour meal filled with the freshest seafood overlooking the blue waters of the Ligurian Sea.

Our pupils continuously retracted to safety due to the bright blues and greens surrounding us while we feasted.  Andrea, our waiter, an incredible host cum comedic opera singer undoubtedly added to the experience.  Our applause and laughter engulfed the terrace of Belforte as he serenaded us and the arrival of our salt cave fish.  I have no idea what he was singing about but it sounded lovely.


Belforte Restaurant in Cinque Terre

Part of the view from the terrace. There was a 270 degree panorama from our table


Belforte Restaurant in Cinque Terre

Everything about this restaurant, the first you come upon after disembarking the ferry in Vernazza, is stunning.  Not only does Belforte command great views from its’ rock embedded tiered levels but the food is actually good too.  The combination can be a rarity in tourist areas.  We ordered seafood salads of squid and calamari, mussels, pasta bolognese, sardines, more mussels and of course wine and the salt cave fish mentioned before.  Everything is fresh as fresh can be.  I haven’t tasted fresher mussels anywhere else.  I highly recommend a visit, just make advance reservations before going.  It’s not cheap but it’s worth it.


After Belforte Restaurant in Cinque Terre

I would absolutely return to explore Cinque Terre in more depth.  Our time was limited and we opted for a day trip from Florence instead.  The family included my father who is 70+, Two children below 12 and my sister in law who recently had minor foot surgery.  She was mobile but foot still in a boot with a walking stick.  So maybe not the best option for us to hike the well regarded, scenic trails.  Nonetheless, the trip was very enjoyable.  I would not recommend a trip to Cinque Terre for anyone with a mobile impairment.

We drove to Riomaggiore and explored the village, hopped on the ferry to Vernazza and then strolled around Manarola.  A private car with a driver/tour guide was hired via Umberto Cattani from Cinqueterretour.it as travel by train for the six of us would have been difficult.  Please send me an email if you need a recommendation or helpful tips for securing a driver.

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