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Italian Wedding

My Italian Wedding in Tuscany

written by The Travel Captain November 27, 2016

My husband and I both wanted an Italian wedding.  He grew up in Italy and I love most everything about Italy.  Soooo that was that.  The theme for our wedding would be family, friends, food, wine, the gorgeous Italian countryside and our sincere love for each of these things.  That’s it.  No registry, no bridal this, no groomsmen that.  Italian weddings in Tuscany are like Italian food, divine and perfect in quality and simplicity.  Paperwork, however, for an Italian wedding is not always so simple.  More on that below.

This was not my first time getting married.  Feel free to exit this page if the urge to pass judgment creeps up.  I had a four day destination wedding in Bali filled with events and formalities and people I hadn’t seen in years.  It sounds lovely and it was lovely.  But I get exhausted just thinking back to the months and months of planning that went into it.  And for what?  We’re not married anymore.

The planning for our Italian wedding took about 6 weeks.  We limited the guest list to 25 people.   The words “getting married in Italy” illicit so much imagery.  Vineyards, wine, rows of cyprus trees, old villas, rolling hills and sunsets.   I couldn’t wait.  A Tuscan wedding at a villa in Chianti was going to satiate my desires. Family and friends would fly in from all over the world to spend four nights with us at the picturesque, 17th century Villa Vistarenni.


Italian Wedding

Villa Vistarenni

Italian Wedding at Villa Vistarenni

Villa Vistarenni was ideal.  I only came to learn of it through Google images once I plugged in the search for Tuscany wedding.  A blog, go figure, further revealed to me more of the details.  Set deep into the woods an hour outside of Florence in Radda, Chianti, I had a feeling about this venue and booked the villa without a visit.  There was something about those double staircases cascading down the rear of the villa overlooking the countryside.  It was like I had seen it before, I just didn’t know where.

We rented out the 16 room villa and accompanying cottage for a few days.  Everyone had their own room.  Villa Vistarenni also had tennis courts, a swimming pool and produced their own wine.  We finished a case of their wine the manager so generously left for us that first evening.  I also appreciated the upkeep and modern yet old world feel of the villa interiors.  Many villas in the countryside are incredibly charming when looking at the exterior but careful attention should be paid to interiors if you plan on staying overnight.


Italian Wedding

photo by Rob Cantave

Grounds at Villa Vistarenni

An ideal backdrop for our Italian wedding.

Choosing Food for Our Italian Wedding in Tuscany

Now this was an important one.  Italian food needs to be showcased in all its glory.  A slight hiccup is that we had guests with a bevy of nutritional and religious requirements.  Some didn’t eat gluten, others no pork and a couple were vegetarian.  After careful consideration and a food tasting, catering from a restaurant in the greater Siena area known as Asinello for the wedding turned out to be a fantastic choice.  They obliged all our requests and everyone experienced the delights of seasonal Tuscan fare.  Asinello also supplied us with some fantastic wines for the evening and the best Chantilly cream cake I ever tasted.  Ever.

Italian wedding

Saffron Risotto with cinta senese (famous Tuscan black pig) as one of the starters

Italian wedding

Wedding Dinner at Villa Vistarenni


Paperwork for Americans Getting Married In Italy

It’s not entirely easy to have an Italian wedding in Italy.  This is especially true if you’re non resident and/or not of Italian descent.  We had our pictures posted at the local church in my husband’s hometown in Italy for two weeks prior.  This is needed in order to get approval by the town hall for marriage.  The process is called posting Banns.  So make sure you follow all the steps.  Italy is certainly not one of those places where you come to get married on a whim.  Here are some important documents you must have beforehand:

Before you arrive in Italy, you must have:

1) A Valid US passport

2) An original Birth Certificate.  It must have an Apostille stamp and be translated into Italian showing names of both parents

3) Evidence of termination of a previous marriage

4) Atto Notorio witnessed by 2 people: This is a declaration stating there is no obstacle to his/her marriage according to the laws of which the citizen is subject in the United States

All documents originating outside of Italy must be translated.  They should be authenticated by the nearest Italian Consulate having jurisdiction over the place of issuance in the U.S.

Once you are in Italy, you must get:

1) Dichiarazione Giurata aka Certificate of No Impediment, A declaration required by Italian law which states that “there are no impediments,” or that one is free to marry, according to the laws of the State of which the citizen is a resident.

2) Declaration of Intention

Banns are posted once the Declaration of Intention to Marry is filed.  Please visit Americans Getting Married in Italy for more info.  Hope you found “My Italian Wedding in Tuscany” fun and informative.  Feel free to leave any comments or questions in the section below.

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