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Best Travel Gifts

The Best Travel Gifts for Her on Valentine’s Day

by The Travel Captain

We need to talk… if you’re still getting your partner chocolates for Valentine’s Day.  Don’t skimp on the flowers (those are always welcome) and take note of my recommendations for the best travel gifts to get your significant other this holiday.

This is an arsenal of travel items that have proved ever so useful.  Life altering useful.  I never do posts like this but had to share these with you.  I own every single item below, most were purchased and a couple were gifts.  There are no affiliate links or any sponsorships, kickbacks, commissions whatsoever related to my suggestions so know these are being recommended with no ulterior motive.

And the best part?  Most of these items are responsible and earth friendly.


The Best Travel Gifts to Get Your Partner

1.. A Travel Pillow.  I know, I know but THIS one IS different because it’s covered in velvety material AND deflatable!  Yes, deflatable.  That’s key here.  It won’t take up space and you won’t look like a tool carrying one around tied to your purse or bag in the airport.  The external pouch fits everywhere and there is never an issue with stuffing your pillow back into its’ compact pouch.  This travel pillow is from Purefly.

I was on a 11 hour economy red eye to Japan recently and it was the first time in a long time that I was able to sleep well on a plane.  Retail Price: Around $21 USD

Best Travel Gifts

Purefly Velvet Travel Pillow


2. A stylish backpack.  You don’t need to look like a backpacker even if you have a backpack!  Long gone are the days that I travel with multiple purses.  I keep a cute one for the evening and sometimes a water resistant one if beach or boat excursions are part of the plan.  Between my camera, printouts for itineraries, maps, cosmetics and phone… it’s just too much for one single shoulder to bear.  This one is leather, yes, but dipped in vegetable dye.  Traditional leather dyes are filled with chemicals which seep into soil and ground water.  Even better, get one made from sustainable materials.       Retail Price: Depends on you Best Travel Gifts


3. The GoPro Hero 5 Black.  Speaking of cameras, this one has changed my video and photography game.  Aside from being waterproof to a very generous depth, the new and improved interface of this model is so easy to use.  The audio capture has been significantly refined from previous GoPros too.  With wireless capability, wide range of compatible accessories and awesome Capture app on your phone that allows you to upload real time as well as control settings and abilities of your GoPro from up to 100 meters, this is the perfect gadget to take those stunning action and even general video and photos when traveling.  And it’s tiny and lightweight.  One of the best travel gifts ever.  Retail Price: Around $399 USD

Best Travel Gifts

GoPro Hero 5 Black – Best Travel Gifts


4. Elemis Skincream.  I haven’t found a cream that replenishes and hydrates your skin after a long day out in the sun better than Elemis’ Pro Collagen Marine Day or Night Skin Cream.  It keeps fine lines away too (don’t tell her that while she’s unwrapping).  The cream is a bit pricey but one 100ml jar will last you a year!  You only need a few tiny globs to moisturize your entire face and neck.  And the best part?  Elemis does not test on animals.  All ingredients, mostly natural, are listed on their website.  They don’t use slaughterhouse waste, whale/blubber oils or perfumes that contain animal extracts.

This set goes in my suitcase, I never travel without it.  Look out for holiday promotions from Elemis.  This particular cream is one of their best sellers and usually goes on sale.  Your woman will thank you.  Retail Price: Around $170 USD but can be found on promotion for less.  Or purchase the 50ml size.

Best Travel Gifts

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream


5. A Book On Understanding Your Relationship Better – What better gift for your partner (aside from the GoPro Hero 5 Black) is there than self improvement.  Pick up two copies, one for yourself and one to gift to them.  Great reading for an airplane, train or bus.  I loved this particular book because it focuses more on introspection and provides helpful exercises that reinforce positive messages.  Bring a pen and paper for notes.  I highly recommend it.  Available on Kindle too.  Retail Price: Around $12 USD

Best Travel Gifts


6. Paper Gifts Made From Elephant Poop.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Got an environmentally conscientious partner?  These adorable books are handcrafted in Sri Lanka and made from a mixture of elephant dung and recycled paper.  You can find them on ecomaximus.com.  We replaced all the regular writing paper in our house and I always keep one in my travel backpack.  Retail Price: Prices vary but about $10-$12 USD for one 5″ x 8″ notebook.

Best Travel Gifts


7.  Packing cubes.  Doesn’t sound romantic enough?  Don’t forget, you have flowers too.  I thought everyone who bought packing cubes were suckers when I first heard about them.  Nylon cloth rectangles with zippers? big freaking deal, I can create a makeshift packing cube on my own.  It never happened.

BUT, packing cubes are life changing.  Typically the 2nd or 3rd day into a trip, I’m already repeating clothes even though I’ve packed for two weeks.   I get so irritated by the sight of my disorganized suitcase that I’m left with zero patience to search for and coordinate a new outfit.  With packing cubes, shirts are in one place, pants there, delicates here.  Simple and genius.  Just put it back where you got it.  Your suitcase stays beautifully organized in orderly sections throughout.  Love it.  The set I purchased from Shacke Pak on Amazon had 4 cubes in varying sizes and came with a laundry bag too.  I was able to fit 15 days of travel into them. Retail Price: Around $25 USD

Best Travel Gifts

Shacke Pak Packing Cubes – Best Travel Gifts


8. A Goal Planner.  If you thought writing things down is so 1990s, then think again.  Every guru preaching to the world about what it takes to reach your goals will tell you to write that sh*t down on paper.  I purchased this goal planner from Freedom Planner and I love it.  It’s not a calendar appointment type of book.  It makes you list out all your goals for the year, create actionable steps to get you there, holds you to timeframes and more.

As a result, I got so much done in the first two months of 2017 just because I had my planner to refer back to.  There’s even a few pages in the front to paste inspiring pictures or cutouts.  In conclusion, keep your smartphone for reminders about trivial appointments but get this planner for bigger goals.  Maybe not so much travel related but it makes for a useful gift.   This one is made of recycled paper 🙂 Retail Price: Freedom Planner 2017 approximately $35 USD

Best Travel Gifts

Freedom Planner


9. The SKROSS World Adapter. It can’t be any adapter, it has to be this one.  The SKROSS adapter, of course made in Switzerland, provides an easy connection for earthed and unearthed  (2 and 3-pole) devices  around the world.  It also transforms into a charging station for your USB devices.  I’ve used it everywhere and haven’t come across a better adapter than this.  A must and high on the list of best travel gifts for your partner who suffers from wanderlust.  Retail price: Around $49 USD

Best Travel Gifts


10. A full coverage hat.  Everyone needs shielding from the sun.  I live in a warm place with sun all year round.  So while a tan looks cute, continuous exposure to sun is taxing on the health and look of your skin.  Even exposure over a few days is harmful.  I never travel without a full coverage floppy hat anymore.  This straw one with elegant beading from BCBG keeps me protected and matches a lot of outfits.  A stylish gift she’ll appreciate and make use of.

Best Travel Gifts

BCBG full coverage floppy hat – Best Travel Gifts


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